Get-together of Indonesian radio fans in Yogyakarta

Sunday, December 11, 2016 - 15:42:30

(VOVworld) – VOVworld's Director Nguyen Tien Long has sent a message of friendship and cooperation to the Indonesian fans of Radio the Voice of Vietnam (VOV). Mr. Long’s congratulation was delivered to the 4th get-together of Indonesian radio listeners in Yogyakarta on Saturday afternoon.

get-together of indonesian radio fans in yogyakarta hinh 0
VOVworld reporter Huong Tra poses for a photo with Indonesian radio fans (Photo: Huong Tra)

The event called “Radio brings amazing friendship and enjoyment to the world” gathered 60 people from across Indonesia. Mr. Rudy Hartoono, President of the Borneo Listeners’ Club and chief organizer of the event, said: “Present at this get-together were representatives from international radio stations, including VOV. This is a meeting for those who share a hobby of listening to radio. We talked and shared memories with foreign radio presenters.”

Mr. Hazairin Junep, a listener of VOVworld, opened a Vietnam corner, which showcases items from his own collection "DX Museum & Libarary."

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