VOV2 launches its broadcasting service on FM 96.5 Mhz in Ho Chi Minh City

Friday, August 26, 2016 - 19:10:39

(VOVworld) - Radio Voice of Vietnam has launched its VOV2 Educational, Cultural and Scientific broadcasting service in Ho Chi Minh City on FM 96.5 Mhz beside regular service on AM 558 Khz.

vov2 launches its broadcasting service on fm 96.5 mhz in ho chi minh city hinh 0

The new service enables listeners in a dozen of southern cities and provinces to tune into VOV2 programs. VOV has broadcast 6 programs in Ho Chi Minh City and neighboring cities and provinces on radio, on the internet and mobile phones. They include VOV 1 News and Current Affairs, VOV 3 on Music and Entertainment, VOV 5 programs on foreign languages, the national traffic program and English 24/7.

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