Buying luck at Vieng market

Thursday, February 09, 2017 - 15:16:23

(VOVworld)- Vietnamese people in the Red River Delta believe in going to the market to pray for luck. From midnight of the 7th day to the morning of 8th day of the first lunar month, people flock to Vieng market in Nam Dinh province to pray for a prosperous and lucky new year.
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Items on sale at Vieng Chua market in Nam Truc district, Nam Dinh province (Photo: Mai Phuong)

In Nam Dinh province, there are two Vieng markets - Vieng Chua market in Nam Giang township, Nam Truc district and Vieng Phu market in Kim Thai commune, Vu Ban district. Unlike other markets, both have a spiritual significance. The Vieng market in Vu Ban is part of the Phu Day Temple relic site which worships the Mother Goddess Lieu Hanh. The market is surrounded by the Mother Mausoleum, the King Temple, Long Van pagoda, Cao pagoda, Tien Huong palace, Van Cat palace and Ong Khong temple. Built in the 19th century, these sites have been officially recognized as cultural and historical relics.

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Antiques and ceramic products are popular in Vieng market  (Photo: Mai Phuong)

The Vieng market in Nam Truc is close to Dai Bi pagoda, which worships Monk Tu Dao Hanh, one of the most famous monks of the Ly dynasty in the 11th century.

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Ornamental trees and seedlings are the most popular products in Vieng market (Photo: Mai Phuong)

Nguyen Tuan Son lives in Nam Hai commune, Nam Truc district: “The Vieng market in Vu Ban district was founded earlier than the one in Nam Truc, but the two are similar. In the markets, there are temples and pagodas, where people come to pray before going shopping. The Vieng market in Nam Dinh province is very famous. It attracts thousands of people who come to pray for good luck, peace, and health.”

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Transaction at Vieng market is believed to bring buyers and sellers luck (Photo: Mai Phuong)

Items on sale are mostly local specialties. It’s believed that buying something in the Vieng market between midnight of the 7th day and sunrise on the 8th day of the first lunar month will bring you luck. Mr. Son again: “The market offers a wide range of products including antiques, ancient ceramic items and farming tools. But ornamental trees are the most popular item in the market. Local artisans in Nam Truc district bring their masterpieces to the market to display and to sell.”

The main session of the market meets on the 8th day, but the day before, the market is already full of visitors, most of them from Nam Dinh and other northern provinces. There’s no bargaining in the market buyers and sellers both believe any transaction will bring them luck.

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Farming tools and daily utensils are also on sale (Photo:Mai Phuong)

Trinh Thi Thu lives in Nam Loi commune, Nam Truc district: “Vieng market meets not for business but for spiritual reasons. The market atmosphere is exciting. People come to the market to pray for good luck and enjoy the spring atmosphere. Everyone buys something in the market. They also visit the pagoda and get calligraphic letters from Confucian tutors.”

The Vieng market festival has become a mainstay of the Red River culture. It attracts tens of thousands of visitors when spring comes.

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