Bac Kan specialties

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(VOVworld)- Pac Ngoi Village in Nam Mau Commune, Bac Kan province, is one of just a few places where the traditional customs of the Tay minority ethnic group are still practiced. Sampling local cuisines is also a way to better understand the local culture.
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Grilled freshwater fish is a favorite dish for visitors

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Ba Be lake is also famous for dishes made of small shrimps, especially small shrimps fried with sour star-fruits or sour soup of small shrimps

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Tay people are good at making cakes including Ngai cakes, banana cakes, and heaven cake. Heaven cake, also called Peng Cha in Tay language is a special dish of the Tay, especially in their New Year and Going to the Field feasts. The cake is made of glutinous rice, rice wine, green tea and sugar

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Com lam or rice in bamboo tube is the best rice of mountain people

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Com Lam is made of rice, bamboo tubes, and banana leaves.  Local people also mix shredded coconuts, coconut milk, and sesame in rice before baking. They put rice in a bamboo tube and cover it with banana leaves. The bamboo tube must be fresh so that its fragrance can be absorbed in the rice after cooking.

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Bamboo shoots are cooked in different ways to make different dishes. But boiled bamboo shoots served with shrimp paste, lemon, and chili are the best

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