Teachers, pupils learn about Earth Hour

Saturday, March 31, 2012 - 16:00:35

(VOVworld) - The 2012 Earth Hour campaign is underway worldwide. In today’s program, we’ll visit a class in Kim Dong primary school, Hanoi, where teachers and pupils are having a lesson on Earth Hour and protecting our planet.  


teachers, pupils learn about earth hour hinh 0
Young people with their "switching off lights" message

4th graders are enthusiastic about their first-time involvement in an extra-curricular class co-organized by the Live &Learn Center and Kim Dong primary school. They ‘re watching a video clip about our beautiful planet, which is being slowly degraded by humankind’s development. Pupil Quoc Khanh told VOV:  “Human beings are clever and they should use their wisdom for good. People should not cut down trees or hunt down rare animals.

After watching the video, the children play a quiz game related to the environment and climate change. What is weather? The teacher asks. What does climate change mean? The children are becoming more aware of their role in minimizing climate change impacts on their own lives, starting with small things. Phuong Linh is one of them: “After this class, I won’t scatter garbage and will ask other pupils to do the same and save energy as well.”

Teacher Bui Hoa Le says this kind of environment class needs to be held regularly as it’s very useful:“This program will be expanded in our school. We will launch a movement campaign to save energy, which hopefully will become popular”.





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