2016 Earth Hour celebrated in Vietnam

Sunday, March 20, 2016 - 15:41:06

(VOVworld)- On Saturday, the 2016 Earth Hour was celebrated in various cities and provinces nationwide. In Hanoi, the campaign attracted thousands of students and volunteers.
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At 20:30, representatives of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Hanoi Municipal People’s Committee, and the Electricity of Vietnam and the Danish Ambassador to Vietnam pressed a button to turn off the light in response to the 2016 Earth Hour Campaign.

In his address, Vice Chair of the Hanoi Municipal People’s Committee Nguyen Doan Toan said:“In response to the campaign, people in Hanoi and other cities and provinces across Vietnam turn off electricity equipment for one hour. On behalf of Hanoi leaders, I call on the people, enterprises, and organizations in the city to use power and natural resources efficiently to save energy, protect the environment and to cope with climate change”.

According to the National Electricity Regulation Center, within 60 minutes of turning off the light and other electric equipment during the Earth Hour Campaign, 451 MW of electricity, equivalent to 730 million VND, was saved.

Also that day, hundreds of famous places around the world including the Eiffel Tower, the Sydney Opera House, and the Empire State in New York turned off the light to respond to the campaign.

Wednesday April 26, 2017

Wednesday April 26, 2017

(VOVworld) - Summer is coming around and it’s getting hotter in the northern part of Vietnam. The average temperature now ranges from 25 to 30DC. I enjoy this pleasant weather.


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