Art program promotes startup spirit

(VOVWORLD) - The Committee on Ethnic Minority Affairs and the Voice of Vietnam held an art program on Wednesday to encourage ethnic people to join the startup movement. 
Art program promotes startup spirit - ảnh 1

The event also marked the 70th anniversary of President Ho Chi Minh’s call for patriotic emulation, June 11. President of the Voice of Vietnam Nguyen The Ky said VOV will work closely with the Committee on Ethnic Minority Affairs to promote the startup movement in remote areas. VOV will also help find outlets for products produced by ethnic startup businesses. Mr. Ky said: “Up to date information is the most important factor. You can learn either at home or abroad. Vietnam’s national radio, VOV, has 8 channels including one for ethnic languages. We strongly support the startup movement, with priority given to ethnic young people. We hope you will continue to spread entrepreneurship to contribute to national construction”.

Outstanding individuals and collectives among Vietnam’s northern ethnic groups were honored for their aspirations to escape poverty.