VOV hosts seminar on financial-monetary security information

(VOVWORLD) -A seminar on how to report on financial/monetary security was held at VOV’s headquarters in Hanoi on Friday.
VOV hosts seminar on financial-monetary security information - ảnh 1The seminar on financial and monetary security information was held at VOV's headquarters in Quan Su street, Hanoi. (baomoi.vn)

Participants discussed a range of topics, including the concept of financial and monetary security, precise information concerning safe financial and monetary systems, IT application, risk management, and the role of the media.

Nguyen Minh Duc, Editor in Chief of the Economics and Urban Area newspaper, said: “Media agencies should maintain a sharp view of processing economic and banking information. Financial and banking information is not merely social information. Wrong assessment can lead to serious consequences. It requires stricter work ethics and more financial and monetary knowledge.”

Experts and reporters have also discussed potential measures to contribute to the upkeep of financial and monetary security. The seminar was co-organized by the Party Central Committee’s Commission for Communications and Education, the Department for Financial, Monetary, and Investment Security, the National Financial Supervision Commission, and the Voice of Vietnam Radio.

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