VOV Overseas Service's website launched

(VOV5) Radio the Voice of Vietnam today launched a website providing listeners with news and information in Vietnamese and 11 foreign languages. In addition to regularly storing the contents of VOV Overseas Service radio programs in 12 languages for a week, the site will transcribe main contents of its radio programs. Features, songs and images of listeners’ interests will enliven this website at vovworld.vn and vov5.vn.

VOV Overseas Service's website launched - ảnh 1

"I would like to congratulate VOV’s editorial teams and staff for launching this website. The diversity of culture and languages between countries is bridged by this new service", said Ms Anissa Barrak, Director of the International Organization for Francophonie in the Asia Pacific at the launch ceremony

VOV Overseas Service's website launched - ảnh 2

At the ceremony, VOV’s President Nguyen Dang Tien said: "The launch of our website will show the development of media and the growth of Vietnam introducing Vietnam’s land and people to the global community. We hope that we will integrate further into the world and the world will understand us better".

This is the first website in 11 foreign languages in Vietnam. VOVWorld.VN opens a window to introduce Vietnam, its land, people and culture to the world and serves as a bridge to bring people in the world closer to Vietnam.