VOV, the first multimedia agency in Vietnam

(VOVworld) – The Voice of Vietnam (VOV), one of the cradles of Vietnam’s revolutionary press, has been a media leader in reform, creativity, and the application of modern technology. VOV was the first media agency in Vietnam to create a multimedia model spanning radio, TV, print, and online.

VOV’s most fundamental reform is reform of thoughts. The radio station has bravely abolished the stereotype propaganda to cover information from various angles and become a public forum. By giving accurate, unbiased, and true-to-life information and targeting the general public, VOV has been a reliable friend of generations of listeners. The radio station has 6 radio channels (VOV1, VOV2, VOV3, VOV4, VOV5, and VOV Transport). Since 2013, these channels have been specialized: VOV1 covers news and current affairs, VOV2 culture, life, and education, VOV3 music, news, and entertainment, VOV4 ethnic affairs, VOV5 provides world service, and VOV Transport covers transport issues. In 2015, we inaugurated the first around-the-clock English channel in Vietnam: VOV 24/7. Soon after, the VOV Health and Food Safety channel was established. VOV is developing VOV5 into a national World Service channel and VOV4 into a national Ethnic Service channel.

VOV, the first multimedia agency in Vietnam - ảnh 1
VOV broadcast its first program on September 7, 1945

With advent of the internet and smart mobile devices, VOV leaders realized the inevitable need to develop the organization into a multimedia model. In 1998, VOV Weekly, a VOV print newspaper made its debut. It was later renamed VOV Newspaper. One year later, a VOV online newspaper at vov.vn was launched. In 2008, the radio station opened a TV channel called VOVTV, which was later renamed “VOV TV Channel”. Within a decade, VOV grew from one form of media to four forms of media, which now provide more diverse, useful, and engaging information.

VOV, the first multimedia agency in Vietnam - ảnh 2
VOV Headquarters at 58 Quan Su Street, Hanoi
Since February 3, 1999, all radio programs have been uploaded to the internet at vov1.vn, vov2.vn, vov3.vn, vov4.vn, vovworld.vn, vovgiaothong.vn, and vov.vn. Fan pages have been opened to reach the wider public and find news sources.

VOV is rapidly in opening overseas bureaus. Since 1998, 10 bureaus have been established Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, China, Japan, France, Russia, Czech Republic, Egypt, and the US. The overseas bureaus disseminate information outside Vietnam and promote Vietnam’s land and people to foreign friends. VOV plans to open new bureaus in Australia, Indonesia, Cuba, and India.

In addition to reforming ways of thinking, VOV constantly reforms broadcast technologies to expand coverage, improve transmission quality, and diversify transmission forms: super shortwave, medium wave, shortwave, satellite, and streaming. The digitization of program production has enabled program producers to interact with the audience and meet growing demand for multidimensional information. VOV has built 50 regional AM and FM transmission stations and contracted with 4 transmission stations in foreign countries. VOV’s airtime totals 300 hours per day.

VOV, a truly modern Vietnamese multimedia agency, is steadily advancing along the path of multimedia communications, an inevitable world trend.