VOV5 FM reforms to cater to audience's taste

(VOVWORLD) - The Voice of Vietnam launched a new channel named VOV5, broadcasting on frequencies 105.5FM and 105.7FM on September 3rd, 1998. The programs in English, French, Russian, Japanese and Chinese, have become a close friend of the listeners.
VOV5 FM reforms to cater to audience's taste - ảnh 1 VOV President Nguyen The Ky and VOV5 Director Nguyen Tien Long take photo with the English service staff.

Many people have told us that they have a habit of tuning into 105.5FM and 105.7FM, every morning at  7:30  to listen to VOV5’s Breakfast Show. They are the Vietnamese and expats who want to hear news updates and information in foreign languages. The program’s format includes news bulletins, stories of many social aspects in Vietnam, as well as upbeat music to excite people as they begin a new day.

Kazahiko Suzuki, who has been living in Vietnam for many years, said he listens to the Japanese language program regularly. “The program covers diverse issues including Vietnam’s news, traditional culture, and music. My favorite program is about folk culture. I know about Vietnam’s Bac Ninh love duo-singing, Xoe dance, and the culture of various ethnic groups.”

VOV5’s pilot program aired on July 1st, 1998. The team consisted of young broadcasters, who received 3 months of training for the job.  With the support of senior reporters, foreign experts, and technicians, the first live broadcast was successful. Van Huu Binh was a reporter in the first broadcast. “I felt nervous, like other teammates involved in the first live broadcast. It was the first time I had reported, and I tried to concentrate on presenting the news. I was aware that it was a live broadcast, and that many people were listening. Although I was carefully prepared, I had some puzzling moments. Finally the 1-hour program ended successfully, without content or technical errors.”

VOV5 made its official debut on September 3rd, 1998, laying the foundation for foreign language broadcasts on VOVWORLD’s service. VOV5inaugurated VOV24/7, the first around-the-clock English channel in Vietnam on 104FM, on October 1st, 2015.

VOV24/7 covers diverse topics: Food Delight features Vietnamese and foreign recipes by famous chefs; Culture Rendezvous brings you interesting cultural stories from around the world; and World Music entertains listeners with exotic music. The “Lunch Show” is a special program on VOV 24/7, broadcasting at noon from Monday to Friday. It features Beauty Queens, singers, students, and startup businesspeople.

Kieu Oanh, a student of the Academy of Journalism and Communication, said: “My hobby is to have lunch while listening to your radio Lunch Show. I can improve my listening skills through interesting stories between VOV’s broadcasters and guests. The songs played during the show are beautiful. I love the hosts Phuong Khanh and Thanh Ha, who talk gracefully and attractively.”

Presenter Phuong Khanh, a familiar voice on VOV 24/7, said: “We always choose only the best music to play on radio. As radio hosts we adopt a friendly style, as if we are talking with the listeners, and give them up-to-date news pieces about life, science, technology, and entertainment. Between news and special features, we play beautiful songs that create pleasant moments. We’re proud to welcome listeners' feedback to help us improve our programs.”

VOV5 will launch a Korean language program on its founding anniversary on Friday, September 7th.

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