Muong culture in schools

(VOVWORLD) - Thanh Son district in Phu Tho province has launched a program to preserve and promote Muong culture by establishing cultural spaces in schools.
Muong culture in schools - ảnh 1A Muong culture space at Cu Thang primary school (photo:

Pupils at Huong Can primary school in Thanh Son district are eager to attend extra-curricular lessons about Muong culture. Although they are Muong children, not all of them know a lot about their own culture. The school has arranged a room to display typical items of the Muong for teachers and children to talk about. Teacher Dinh Thi Kim Hanh says:  “As a Muong person, I want to preserve my group’s culture by introducing children to typical items and activities of our ancestors. This will give them a better understanding of the Muong.”

Early this year, schools in Thanh Son district began building community corners in schoolyards. Teachers, parents, and pupils contribute items to display there and teach the pupils to cook typical dishes.

Dinh Thuy Ngan, a 5th grade pupil at Huong Can school, said: “I’m very happy to attend this lesson. It’s a fun way to learn about our traditional culture.”

Old farm tools, household utensils, clothing, and musical instruments still used in many families, are on display in each school’s cultural space. Dinh Xuan Huong, Rector of Huong Can school, said: “We opened the exhibit with contributions from teachers, parents, and pupils. These items help the children better understand Muong culture.”

Schools have invited artisans to teach the children to sing and dance. Dinh Van Thanh comes to Cu Thang primary school one day per week to teach the pupils Muong folkart. “I’m proud to teach them our traditional culture, such as the drum dance, and call and response singing. I’m very happy that the young generation will help preserve our culture.”

Thanh Son district is a center of Muong culture. Extra-curricular lessons help to kindle the children’s love for their culture. Nguyen Phuong Thuy, a pupil at Cu Thang school. “I’m happy to learn dancing and singing from the teachers and artisans. I want to perform in many places to introduce our diverse culture.”

Thanh Son district is working on a project to collect and preserve valuable items and documents of the Muong from now to 2020.