Zumba non-stop party in Hanoi

(VOVworld) – For the first time ever, Hanoians have been wowed by the largest-ever Zumba party around the Lý Thái Tổ Statue on Sunday night. Thousands of people gathered at walking street until mid-night to celebrate the 4th birthday anniversary of LaZum3 club, the first and biggest Zumba community in Vietnam, to dance, to swing, and experience a fantastic art-form. This week’s “Culture Rendezvous” edition will introduce to you the very special Zumba dancing and how Vietnamese people are taking to it.
Zumba non-stop party in Hanoi - ảnh 1
Thousands of people including children and old people participating in the colorful event
(Photo: Thu Ly)

The story of Zumba dates back in the 1990s in Colombia, where dancer and choreographer Alberto Perez arrived to teach an aerobics class without his traditional aerobics music. Instead of strict repeated counting, he ended up improvising a class that was the perfect mix of dance and aerobics that kept his students moving and having fun. In 2001, he started teaching his new dance-fitness style and called it “Zumba”, a word that doesn’t have any specific meaning but has become synonymous with a great combination of fitness and fun, and brought it to fitness centers all over the world. In recent years, LaZum3 club has brought Zumba to Vietnam, giving enthusiasts another choice to practice in a funky, rhythmic, and charming way to Latin music. Trần Hạnh An is the founder of LaZum3 club: “Tonight, 2000 dancers from LaZum3 club, Zumba-lovers around Hanoi, and many more others who have never heard of Zumba, come to enjoy our party. Our motto is “connecting the community through dancing”. Zumba dancing may include aerobics, salsa, cha cha cha, bachata, and even African dancing. Any dance can be involved in Zumba. I’ve been practicing Zumba for ten years, and through those ten years, I’ve always felt healthy and happy.”

With Zumba, learners don’t have to struggle to memorize all the steps or need a dance partner.  It is based on the principle that a workout and calorie burning should be “fun and easy to do". The colorful Zumba party was upbeat with about 5 Zumba dancers on the main stage, and a hundred of others leading the crowd-in-line. An said: “That’s a fantastic party. People dance with no restrictions. They even don’t know that they are releasing stress so effectively. The jovial atmosphere raises their spirit, which helps them get relief from the tensions of daily life. Zumba is for everyone. Zumba is for kids, and the elderly.”

Zumba non-stop party in Hanoi - ảnh 2
A group of lead dancers on the main stage surrounded by Zumba participants (Photo: Thu Ly)

Zumba allows dancers to achieve long-term health benefits. High energy and motivational music makes the participants dance away their worries. The Latin and international music dance themes created a dynamic, exciting, and effective fitness system. Nguyễn Thanh Vân, a dancer from Hanoi, has been practicing Zumba for two years:“Zumba is a combination of fast and slow rhythms, with peaks and breaks, so we don’t feel tired even after dancing non-stop for a long time. We can move slower or just shaking to the beat. Each person can express her own style through the dance and through her body movements. It’s awesome to dance the way you want it to be. Zumba is just like that!”

Đặng Thành Lâm, one of the leaders on the main stage, who has been practicing Zumba for 6 years, could not hide his emotions:“I feel so excited and enthusiastic. I forget about everything when I start dancing. There is only me and the music. 24 hours a day is not enough. There is not enough time for me to be with Zumba. I wish there was 48 hours in a day. Zumba and its music are always in my mind. Zumba has ups and downs, and people still want more after 2 hours of dancing together.”

Zumba non-stop party in Hanoi - ảnh 3
The walking street is still full of Zumba dancers until mid-night (Photo: Thu Ly)

At 10pm, when two hours of non-stop dancing party begin to come to an end, all of walking street was still full of people laughing, sweating, and swaying. Đoàn Thị Minh Trang is a 60-year-old participant:“Vietnam integrates with foreign cultures so fast. It’s so good to see young people in Hanoi enjoying the Zumba party tonight. Vietnam now has a diversity of festivals that are very friendly and suitable for everyone. Even older people like me can participate.”

Zumba participants normally follow 4 basic steps: learn it, feel it, love it, and crazy about it. LaZum3 community throughout Vietnam includes clubs in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Vinh City, and other provinces are still on the way to spread Zumba to anyone who is fond of this hot and dynamic dance.