Book festivals nurture reading culture

(VOVWORLD) - Book festivals, exhibitions and promotion events have been held regularly across Vietnam every 3 to 4 months over the past 4 years. Such activities have contributed significantly to connecting readers and promoting the reading culture among Vietnamese.
Book festivals nurture reading culture - ảnh 1 The Autumn Book Festival 2018 in Hanoi.

The Autumn Book Festival, which took place at Hanoi’s Reunification or Thong Nhat Park last week, drew nearly 50 book publishers and distributors. A wide range of new books at affordable prices covered a variety of topics including politics-law, economics, science-technology, literature, culture-society, and religion. Festival goers also had opportunities to meet and talk with their favorite authors.

"I’ve never missed a book festival like this. This is where I can find many good books at good prices. The festival also offers participants various interesting side events," said festival goer Nguyen Thi Huong of Hanoi.

A highlight of event was a charity program to build 1,000 bookcases for children in Lao Cai province’s Muong Khuong mountainous district.

"Book festivals are expected to serve as a bridge linking readers, writers and publishers. They aim to strengthen the reading culture towards a more educated society," said Nguyen Ngoc Bao, Deputy Director of the Department of Publishing, Printing, and Issuing under the Ministry of Information and Communications.

"The autumn book festival is dedicated to both readers and publishers. People working in the publishing sector have a chance to meet our peers and exchange experiences while readers can find the latest publications of great quality on different topics. We’re happy to offer readers valuable books of the best quality", elaborated Khuc Thi Hoa Phuong, Director of The Women’s Publishing House.

Vuong Nhat Anh, a student of the National Institute of Education Management, said that he found the books at the autumn festival are diverse and of great quality.

"I think reading books is much more relaxing than spending your time on social network or playing with smart devices. At the same time it can help expand our knowledge," said Nhat Anh.