Ede costumes constitute aesthetic values

Vietnam has 54 brotherly ethnic groups whose traditional costumes present their own unique features. We now come to the central highlands and explore the costumes of Ede ethnic minority.

Ede costumes constitute aesthetic  values - ảnh 1
Red and black colors dominate Ede people’s costumes

Ede ethnic group mostly reside in the west central highlands. Ede costumes constitutes a high level of aesthetic and sensational values. Ede women wear long sleeve pull-over with two lines of buttons on the waist. Colorful threads are knitted along the shoulder and reach knees. Ede men wear loin clothes and long sleeve pull-over with V-shaped neck. A floral pattern strip is woven in front of the dress as an indication of masculine.  Y Doan E Nuol from Buon Ma Thuot City explains differences in Ede dresses: “Traditional costumes tell differences in social status. Poor people wear short sleeve dresses without red colored chest patches. While the richer have red colored, patterned strips and floral embroideries on their dress.”

Red and black colors dominate Ede people’s costumes. Ethnologist Thu Nhung from Tay Nguyen University says despite the limited colors, Ede people are very creative in their dress: “Ede people separate dresses for daily work and for festivals. The impressive colorful costumes used in festivities represent their artistic creativeness and unique culture.”

These impressive and strong colored decorations on Ede costumes represent Ede people’s life and work as well as their aesthetic taste.