Festival promotes northeastern ethnic culture

(VOVWORLD) - The 10th Culture, Sports, and Tourism Festival for ethnic minority groups in the northeastern region wrapped up in Vinh Phuc province last Sunday. The festival promotes the region’s unique ethnic cultures.
Festival promotes northeastern ethnic culture - ảnh 1

The festival featured ethnic groups from 10 provinces, demonstrating their folk singing and dancing, pan-pipe and flute music, ethnic market sessions, and fashion shows of traditional costumes.

"Ha Giang province is home to many ethnic groups. We’re featuring the cultures of some groups with very small populations. We have contributed 5 performances to the festival’s folk arts category, including pan-pipe dancing by H’Mong girls, dances of the Pa Then group, and a singing performance by the Bo Y ethnic group," said Ho Viet Son, Director of the Ha Giang provincial Cultural Center.

The festival saw ethnic rituals such as the “Cấp sắc”, a coming-of-age ritual for Dao men, the “fire dancing” of the Pa Then group, and the “peace praying” ritual of the Tay group.

Festival promotes northeastern ethnic culture - ảnh 2

Ethnic artisans demonstrated their group’s traditional crafts: making the Tinh musical instrument of the Tay ethnic group, weaving, poonah paper making by Cao Lan artisans. Nguyen Van Tho, a Then singer and Tinh player from the Tay ethnic group in Lang Son province, told VOV: "I’m very happy to be part of this festival, which is a great opportunity for artists like me to meet other folk artists from across Vietnam."

The festival also reinforces Vietnam’s national unity, said Hoang Van Toong, a Tay ethnic man from Thai Nguyen province.

"The festival is a chance to meet many people of other ethnic groups. It also strengthens the bonds between ethnic groups," added Toong.