Good publications revive a passion for books

(VOVworld)- Many people have returned to their reading habit thanks to the emergence of quality publications. A newly-released book generates in readers an excitement and passion.

In recent years, book fairs have been held more frequently and each event attracts tens of thousands of visitors. Parents bring their kids to read and buy books and students participate in talks with the authors. In rural areas, Book Day has become more familiar, offering specific programs like establishing libraries, exchanging old books and advocating reading in schools and hamlets. People like reading print books and also e-books. Do Quy Doan, Chairman of the Vietnam Publishers’ Association, said: “The public are increasingly interested in books. Visitors at the recent book fair in Ho Chi Minh City were the elderly, the young, parents and children. The venues where authors met readers were all crowded. There were also much sought after books such as the short stories of Nguyen Nhat Anh. Books help educate people”.

Good publications revive a passion for books - ảnh 1
A book fair in Hanoi

Every year thousands of books are published. In 2015, more than 29,000 publications and 2,700 e-books were released. Nguyen Anh Vu, Director of the Literature Publishing House, said: “We serve our readers’ many different tastes. There are pure entertainment works for those who want to relax. But students and researchers need professional and specialized books. Whether for entertaining or study purposes, our books should be of a good quality”.

Building reading habits depends not only on the efforts of individuals and communities, but also the quality of the publications. Nguyen Quan Thach, Head of a project to introduce books in rural areas, said: “We will post on social networking sites our disapproval of poor quality books. I myself will establish teams to discover mistakes”.

Previously, a Vietnamese publishing house published dozens of books annually, now the number has jumped to 200.