“GoodBooks” project promotes reading habit

(VOVworld) - Launched in 2007, the “GoodBooks” project has introduced books to the public. Its goal is to promote a reading habit within the community and foster a collaborative learning environment that will enable Vietnamese to share and gain knowledge. 

“GoodBooks” project promotes reading habit - ảnh 1
(Photo: Duc Anh/VOV5)

The Institute on Research and Educational Development is partnering with the PACE Institute of Management to work on the non-profit GoodBooks Educational and Cultural Project. Gian Tu Trung, PACE chairman and founder, says: “There are two criteria for judging a good book. First, is it relevant to people living in different times and places? Second, is it easily understood by the general public?” 

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(Photo: Duc Anh/VOV5)

In its 10 years of operation, the “GoodBooks” project has introduced hundreds of books of great value and engaged 30,000 members who can register an account and create their own reader’s page to post and recommend books they have read and comment on other readers’ selections. Other activities under the “GoodBooks” project that have been warmly welcomed include talk shows on good books, book-reading days, bookshelves for children, book donations for disadvantaged people, and a blog at sachhay.org. The GoodBooks Awards are held annually to honor great new books. Awards are given to the best original Vietnamese literary works or translations into Vietnamese from other languages in seven different areas: Life Values or Self Development, Education, Research, Economics, Management, Literature, and Children's Books. 

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Each reader has a page at sachhay.org to share books and comment on others' selections. 

Trung elaborates: “Readers and project organizers work together for 3 rounds to select the best work in each category. This means the awards are both mass-oriented and academic.”

Dang Bich Van of Ho Chi Minh city, a member of the “GoodBook” project, says: “Books help balance my life. A friend recommended sachhay.org to me last year. Since then, I often log in to read books. I highly appreciate the other readers who share their books on the page, making it a huge library for all.”

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