Hanoi Opera House “elevates its game”

(VOVworld) – Since last autumn, the Hanoi Opera House has been staging more world class art performances in accordance with a new policy of the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism. 

Hanoi Opera House “elevates its game” - ảnh 1
A performance of the Asia-Europe Music Festival at the Hanoi Opera House on October 12, 2016

The Hanoi Opera House is now one of the most opulent buildings in Hanoi. It is a favored venue social major events, meetings, and performances by domestic and foreign art troupes. Since the 71st anniversary of August Revolution and National Independence, on September 2, last year, major programs have been staged there by the Vietnam Symphony Orchestra, the Vietnam Drama Theatre, the Cai Luong (reform opera) Theatre, and the National Musical and Dance Theatre. Many shows, that have won gold or silver medals at national festivals, debuted at the Hanoi Opera House. Nguyen The Vinh, Director of the Vietnam Drama Theatre, said: “This is the first time our play “Black panther task force” has been performed at the Hanoi Opera House. We staged “Hamlet” twice at this theatre. In 2017, we will perform there regularly. I hope that with funding from private businesses, opera houses in Vietnam will get out of financial difficulties.”

It’s an artist dream to perform at the Hanoi Opera House, which was built in 1911 in the heart of Hanoi. People’s Artist Thanh Ngoan, Director of the Cheo (traditional operetta) Theater, said:“This year we will restage popular plays, such as “Xuy Van”, “Who buys my onions”, and many others. We try to stoke people’s passion for tradition and artistry.”

With the Hanoi Opera House vigorously promoting higher-quality programs, the arts have been revitalized. Truong Nhuan, Director of the Youth Theatre, said:“The public is becoming more attentive to the performing arts. State support is very important to cultural development.”

According to Nguyen Van Tuan, Head of the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism, performances at the Hanoi Opera House, which is frequented by foreign expats, will boost Vietnam’s tourism: “The blossoming of the Hanoi Opera House is a breakthrough initiative on the part of the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism.  Past performances were just the start. We need to turn them into tourist products by organizing appropriate and attractive programs on a regular basis.”

The 20 spectacular shows put on at the Hanoi Opera House last year held the promise of a richer cultural life for Vietnamese and foreign tourists.