Hung Kings worship promotes national unity

(VOVWORLD) - The worship of the Hung Kings has been practiced in Vietnam for thousands of years to commemorate the founders of Vietnam’s first Kingdom Van Lang. It’s still an important ritual in Vietnam’s cultural life, reminding Vietnamese people of their roots and consolidating unity for national construction.

The Hung Kings worship rituals are a folk belief in which Vietnamese people commemorate their legendary dragon father and fairy mother and practice the national tradition of remembering the source of the water one drinks. The worship of the Hung Kings since the nation’s early days demonstrates the Vietnamese people’s commitment to upholding traditional cultural and spiritual values. Many legendary characters of the Hung Kings reigns are also worshiped in Phu Tho province, including the Tan Vien Mountain Genie and the princesses of Tien Dung and Ngoc Hoa.

Hung Kings worship promotes national unity - ảnh 1

"I was born and raised in Phu Tho province and have been familiar with the Hung Kings worship rituals since I was small. The practice and its many festivals, which almost fell into oblivion during the wars, have been strongly revived and promoted by the government over the years.", said Ha Van Ly, a resident of Phu Tho province's Thanh Son district. 

Chung Temple in Phu Tho province’s Giap Lai commune was recently restored. The temple is dedicated to the Genie of Tan Vien Mountain, a legendary son-in-law of the 18th Hung King, and is a place for the local Muong ethnic people to practice and preserve their customs and cultural activities.

"We’re proud to be responsible for taking care of the temple and protecting its historical relics. We’ve done our best to preserve the site, to encourage visitors to enjoy the beautiful scenery and to pay tribute to the ancestors.", said Dinh Van Hoi, a member of the temple’s management board.

"Every resident of the commune is aware of his or her responsibility to preserve the temple and its surroundings. Local people visit the temple to pay tribute and offer incense to the Genie on the 1st and the 15th of the lunar month", said Nguyen Thi Sam who lives in Giap Lai commune. 

Hung Kings worship promotes national unity - ảnh 2

Dr. Nguyen Anh Tuan, Director of Phu Tho province’s Hung Vuong Museum, said the Hung Kings worship has been preserved in Phu Tho province, especially among the Muong ethnic people.

"In addition to worshiping the ancestors and the gods of nature, the Muong ethnic people attach great importance to worshiping the Hung Kings, the founders of the Vietnamese nation. The Muong people consider the Hung Kings the heads of their ethnic group, said Dr. Tuan.

For Vietnamese people, worshiping the Hung Kings is not just a devotional activity, but also a social activity that expresses communal solidarity.