Lotus painting exhibition in Hanoi’s Old Quarter

(VOVworld)- Hanoi’s Old Quarter management board and painters at the UNESCO Center for Fine Arts in Hanoi have held a fine art exhibition recently entitled “Lotus”, a flower that symbolizes Vietnam and President Ho Chi Minh.

Lotus painting exhibition in Hanoi’s Old Quarter - ảnh 1
One of the exhibited paintings (Photo: Hong Bac)

On display were 42 works by 4 painters: Vũ Tuyên, Phan Thị Thanh Mai, Đặng Đình Ngỡ, and Bùi Trọng Dư. Each picture encompassed an individual take on the beauty of the lotus. Lotuses have provided a wealth of inspiration in the arts and literature. It appears that every Vietnamese painter has drawn at least one lotus picture, but not many painters have dedicated themselves to painting this flower. Vũ Tuyên said this is his destiny. Whenever he takes up the brush, an image of the lotus comes into his mind. Now he has about 1,000 lotus paintings of which 16 were chosen to exhibit to the public. Vũ Tuyên said: “The lotus is the most suitable theme to mark President Ho Chi Minh’s birthday. It represents purity and nobility and we want to appreciate Uncle Ho’s great personality”.

Vũ Tuyên’s previous exhibits include “Predestined affinity”, “Impermanence”, “Let things run its course” and “Zen”. His most recent exhibit, “Loving season”, depicted the greenish space of a lotus pond. Painter Vũ Tuyên told us: “I think each picture is associated with a person. Through the lotuses, I want to deliver the message that each flower represents a human being and people stay side by side, love and protect each other”.

Đặng Đình Ngỡ created his works in a house near West Lake, a famous lotus growing area in Hanoi. His 7 paintings all portrayed pink lotuses, from budding, through opening and blossoming to fading and falling.

Lacquer painter Bùi Trọng Dư displayed his works in a simple, compact style entitled “Green lotus”, “White lotus”, “Pink lotus”, “Lotus and fish”, “Summer lotus” and “Lotus pond”.

Painter Pham Thị Thanh Mai subtly and emotionally described lotus nuances on lacquer in paintings titled “Lotus in the garden”, “Lotus lake”, “May lotus”, “Summer lotus” and “Lotus and girl”.

Doctor Nguyễn Văn Huy, Deputy Director of the Center for Research and Promotion of Cultural Heritage Value, remarked: “I ‘ve seen all paintings at the exhibition. They are diverse and show the painters’ passion for lotuses. Through their excellent styles, the painters have depicted the charm of this flower. Vietnamese people usually relate them to President Ho Chi Minh.  Definitely, visitors to the exhibition will form new impressions of Hanoi and Vietnam’s love for the lotus”.