Old books awaken great memories

(VOVWORLD) - Hanoi can be proud to be the city with the most readers in Vietnam. Many new bookstores are popping up, and old ones have always attracted readers who collect antique and rare books or just like to be reminded of the good old days.
Old books awaken great memories - ảnh 1

Antique books trace the development of Vietnam’s publishing history. People collect old books for many reasons. Some want to own first editions. Others want to own books that are out of print. Some are only interested in the knowledge books contain.

"Online reading produces a very different feeling from reading a physical book. It’s more exciting to read a physical book.", said Bui Minh Hien, a young reader.

Old books awaken great memories - ảnh 2

Nicknamed “the King of antique books”, Hanoian Phan Trac Canh collects used and rare books. His bookstore at 5 Bat Dan street in downtown Hanoi holds thousands of Vietnamese and foreign books and magazines on almost every subject. The store is a great source of materials for researchers.

"Completing his book after 12 years, Associate Professor Yao Takao of Hiroshima University visited Vietnam and gave me his book, which had been published in Japan. He asked me to keep collecting books until I can’t do it anymore.', said Canh. 

Antique bookstores encourage a reading habit among the public and preserve a reading culture.