Spring, a great source of inspiration for Vietnamese music

(VOVWORLD) - Spring is the beginning of the year, when flowers blossom and heaven and earth harmonize, revitalizing all things. Spring is a great source of inspiration for musicians and songwriters. Many songs of spring will live forever in the hearts of Vietnamese people.
Spring, a great source of inspiration for Vietnamese music  - ảnh 1

Late songwriter Van Cao. (Photo: Internet)

One of the most famous songs about spring, “The First Spring” by songwriter Van Cao, was written as Lunar New Year 1976 was approaching. 1976 was the first spring after Vietnam was reunited. Part of the lyrics goes:

Then, rhythmically spring returned with the swallows flying.

The familiar and joyous season has finally come back to us.

That long-awaited spring was in bloom for the first time,

With the afternoon smoke rising silently over the water,

And the chickens clucking blissfully at the river’s edge.

Musician Cat Van said the song’s melody and lyrics are both very gentle, drawing a peaceful rural picture popular with many Vietnamese people.

He recalled: “When the country was reunited, Van Cao thought it was Vietnam’s real spring. It is a simple song with profound and sincere lyrics. Among Van Cao’s songs, ‘The first spring’ has a particularly strong vitality.”

There are many other songs about spring such as “Spring in Ho Chi Minh City” and “Spring by the windows” by Xuan Hong, and “Spring has come” by Tran Chung.

If Tran Chung’s spring is gentle and pure like the hopes of a person in love, the spring of Xuan Hong is full of enthusiasm and harmony between heaven and earth.

Hanoi-born songwriter Ngoc Khue feels spring in a different way. For Khue, spring is the season of love. “Spring moments”, “Spring in rice-growing village, flower village”, and “Spring-It’s forever you” have left a permanent impression on listeners hearts.

Khue said: “When spring arrives, the weather begins to change. Plants are in bud, a great source of inspiration for musicians. But each year is different. I’ve written several songs about spring and still have new ideas for spring songs. Written in late 1980 and spring 1981, the song ‘Spring in rice-growing village, flower village’ was first broadcast on a VOV program introducing new songs about spring.”

Spring, a great source of inspiration for Vietnamese music  - ảnh 2 Songwriter Pho Duc Phuong. (Photo: danviet.vn)

Songwriter Pho Duc Phuong compares spring to labor, the love of labor, and the fruits of labor.

Spring in the song “Love song of new construction works” describes a festive atmosphere full of love duets at construction sites.

Phuong said: “When spring comes, people often think of growth and youth. I wrote this song when I was young. Spring is eternal and the symbol of youth in combination with construction works which seem to become intertwined with each other.”

Spring, a great source of inspiration for Vietnamese music  - ảnh 3

Peach blossoms signal the arrival of Spring.

Each song about spring delves into various aspects of life but most of them make people love life more. “The Spring call” and “Goodbye to swallows” by songwriter Tran Tien is the voice of young people who have matured. “The breath of spring” by Duong Thu, “Spring’s declaration of love” by Thanh Tung, and “Spring whisper” by Ngoc Chau are about the harmony of love and nature.

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