Vietnamese character in overseas Vietnamese writers’ works

(VOVWORLD) - Some overseas Vietnamese writers have gained a level of success in world literature. Their works reflect the unique character of Vietnamese culture. Phi Ha has the story.

Linda Le is one of France’s leading female writers. She is the author of more than 20 books and was nominated for France’s prestigious Goncourt award for her book “The Waves”. Linda Le was born in Vietnam and moved with her mother to France while her father remained in Vietnam. The pain of her family separation is reflected in her writing. Linda Le told VOV: "My memories of my childhood in Vietnam have greatly influenced my stories, especially those about fathers. My childhood was closely linked with my father and what he taught me."

Vietnamese character in overseas Vietnamese writers’ works - ảnh 1Linda Le and her book "Lame de fond"

Although she writes in French, Linda Le has always fascinated by Vietnamese and the Vietnamese culture. She once revealed that she was in a dilemma between choosing to be faithful to the East, which her father represents, or to the West, represented by her mom. 

Kim Thuy is a Vietnamese-Canadian writer. Her first novel “Ru” or “Lull”, published by the French-Canadian publishing house Libre Expression was awarded Canada’s 2010 Grand Prix RTL and Grand Prix du Salon du Livre de Montreal 2010. The novel has been published in 11 countries. Thuy’s second book, “A toi”, was co-written by Pascal Janovjak, a Swiss writer.

Now living in France, Thuy is happy to use both languages in her writing. Although written in French, “Ru” has a Vietnamese rhythm and melody, according to Thuy: "For me, the melody and rhythm of a literary work is as important as the story it tells. “Ru” was written with that idea. I’m not a poet but every word I wrote down in my novel was carefully selected to represent the story I wanted to tell. Every word has its own meaning, colour, melody, and scent."

Vietnamese character in overseas Vietnamese writers’ works - ảnh 2Writer Kim Thuy and her novel "Ru"

Nguyen Thanh Viet, Monique Truong and Lai Thanh Ha are just a few of many outstanding Vietnamese-British writers who have produced distinguished literary works. Translator Giap Van Chung said: "I think those writers are all very talented. They naturally absorbed the Vietnamese character unconsciously, and it is reflected in their writing, revealing a deep love for their motherland."