Vuon Man revolutionary story staged in Can Tho

(VOVWORLD) - A performance featuring Vuon Man (plum garden), a revolutionary base in Can Tho city, was recently staged by the Tay Do reformed theater troupe. “White plum Blossom”, based on a true story about the local revolutionary movement following the 1968 General Offensive and Uprising, earned the art troupe 2 golds and 3 silvers at the 2015 National Professional Reformed Theater Contest. VOV’s Le Hoa reports....

The Vuon Man revolutionary base is located in Long Tuyen ward, Can Tho City. The site witnessed many dramatic events during the resistance war against the US. Vuon Man was the starting point of the historic Vong Cung road, the “wartime border” before national reunification in 1975. This was a very important route to transport food and weapons from Vietnam’s revolutionary bases in the south to Can Tho, which then housed the US headquarters.

Vuon Man revolutionary story staged in Can Tho - ảnh 1Vuon Man revolutionary story is staged in Can Tho

The play recounts the fierce battles around Vuon Man and the stories of several local people, including heroic mother Ta Thi Phi, who sacrificed their lives for national independence. In the audience were students from local high schools. Ngo Manh Khang, a student at Luong The Vinh High School, said: "My friends and I were very moved by the play. The excellent performances of the actors and actresses recreated almost exactly past events at the Vuon Man base."

"My role in the play is the mother of a revolutionary soldier. I’m confident in saying that our performances were successful. I am a mother myself and was born into a family with revolutionary traditions. My grandmother was a heroic Vietnamese mother. This has helped me perform my role with authentic emotion.", said actress Thao Van.

Hong Thuy, another actress, told VOV: "Our performances have been successful beyond our expectations. We are very proud to perform this play and help to educate younger generations about our predecessors’ heroic revolutionary actions." 

The Vuon Man relic site and the Vong Cung road have become major tourist destinations in Can Tho.