Writers join hands for consolidated national unity

(VOVWORLD) - More than 100 outstanding Vietnamese writers living in Vietnam or abroad gathered at a recent meeting in Hanoi to discuss issues related to national literature. At the event themed “Writers with the mission of fostering national solidarity”, delegates underscored the important role writers play in Vietnam’s efforts to unite overseas Vietnamese from across the world. To Tuan reports…

President of the Vietnam Writers’ Association (VWA) Huu Thinh told the meeting that the VWA always considers the literary life of the Vietnamese community abroad an inseparable part of Vietnam’s literature. Over the years, he noted, the Association has published the works of many overseas Vietnamese writers, and has held events to promote Vietnamese literature abroad. Thinh called on Vietnamese writers, both at home and abroad, to use the power of literature to strengthen national solidarity. In addition to creating their own works, Vietnamese writers around the world have helped to introduce foreign literary works to Vietnamese readers and vice versa via their translations.

Writers join hands for consolidated national unity - ảnh 1 Writer Huu Thinh, President of the Vietnam Writers’ Association (VWA), spoke at the meeting

Thinh called the meeting an opportunity to unite Vietnamese communities abroad through literature, and encouraging writers to promote patriotism and further contribute to Vietnam’s development. The meeting discussed ways to connect overseas Vietnamese writers and update them on the latest developments in Vietnam. Critic Bui Viet Thang said of the meeting: "What we discussed at the meeting was more than just literature. The event was a chance for us Vietnamese writers, no matter where we live, to better understand and connect with each other and keep posted about developments in Vietnam and reflect them in our writings. I hope that after this meeting, all barriers between us will be removed."

Nguyen Dieu Huong, a Vietnamese writer living in Sweden, said: "I was very happy to return to my homeland and attend this meeting. I hope there will be more occasions for Vietnamese writers like us from around the world reunite and consolidate our connection. This was also a chance for us to sit down and share our ideas and initiatives to contribute to Vietnam’s literature and development. As a Vietnamese writer living in Sweden, I’ve contributed to a number of translations to introduce Vietnamese literature to Swedish readers."

Thinh said that the meeting promoted writers’ social responsibility to connect Vietnamese at home and abroad, preserve and promote patriotism and enhance collaboration between the writers and the Association, and encourage writers to create more works that serve the people and cultural development of Vietnam. He expressed his hope that the event will advance the unity of Vietnamese writers.