2016 Hung Kings Temple festival makes changes

(VOVworld)- The Hung Kings Temple festival, which marks the death anniversary of the Hung Kings, the founders of the first Vietnamese state, will take place from April 12 to 16th. VOV reporter Phuong Thoa tells you what ‘s new in this year’s festivities.

2016 Hung Kings Temple festival makes changes - ảnh 1

The Hung Kings Temple festival is hosted by the Phu Tho provincial People’s Committee with support from Hung Yen, Binh Thuan and Ca Mau provinces. Ha Ke San, Vice Chairman of the Phu Tho People’s Committee and Chief organizer of the festival, said: “Participating provinces will send representatives to help Phu Tho perform the incense burning ceremony on the 10th day of the third lunar month at the Upper Temple. Provinces will give offerings of their local specialties to the Hung Kings on the 9th day of the month. Art troupes will perform in the Hung Kings Temple and Viet Tri city. The provinces will donate money  to help renovate the Hung Kings Temple relic site”.

This year’s event has some new features. When Party, State and provincial leaders burn incense in the Upper Temple on Nghia Linh mountain, similar ceremonies will take place in all places that worship the Hung Kings in Vietnam. In addition to the usual cultural and sporting events, an arts and fireworks display program was held on the 6th day of the lunar month (April 12). This opening program featured traditional Xoan singing. Mr. Ha Ke San said: “Xoan singing clubs from all over Phu Tho province performed at the Hung Kings Temple relic site, and in Kim Duc commune, and local youths sang traditional Xoan songs in Viet Tri city. We want to highlight this art, which has been submitted to UNESCO for recognition as an intangible cultural heritage of humanity in 2017. There are also activities to promote Phu Tho province, including poetry and music nights, photo exhibits and exhibits of Hung Kings Temple items donated by individuals and groups from other parts of Vietnam”.

The Hung Kings Temple festival upholds the Vietnamese tradition of “When drinking water, remember the source”, and strengthens unity for national development and defense.

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