Advocating dialogue and cooperation in human rights

(VOVworld) – Vietnam has concluded its 2014-2016 term on the UN Human Rights Council. Vietnam has advocated dialogue and cooperation in human rights and enhanced efficiency, transparency, and balance in the UNHRC.

Advocating dialogue and cooperation in human rights - ảnh 1
The UN Headquarters in New York

Vietnam was elected to the 2014-2016 term of the UN Human Rights Council on November 12, 2013, receiving184 of 192 votes. It was an important event in implementing Vietnam’s external policy of independence, self-reliance, and international integration.

An active and responsible member

Although this was the first time Vietnam was elected to the UNHRC, it has worked actively and responsibly with other countries to deal with challenges to human rights. At annual UN summits on Human Rights, Vietnam pledged to protect and promote human rights and contribute to resolving human right issues worldwide. Vietnam has implemented the Universal Periodic Review, the most important mechanism of the UN Human Right Council. Vietnam is a coordinator of ASEAN at the UN Human Rights Council and a member of a group of countries sharing the same views, a group for the rights of people with disabilities, and a group dealing with the effects of climate change on human rights. Vietnam represents Asia-Pacific countries in a working group to deal with notes of protest on human rights violations. Vietnam has talked directly and openly with the UN High Commission, rapporteurs, and special envoys on human rights.

Promoting dialogue and cooperation

During its UNHRC term, Vietnam promoted dialogue and cooperation in promoting and ensuring human rights with respect for mutual respect. Vietnam affirmed that human rights protection is the duty of every country and citizen. The UNHRC and UN agencies should create a favorable environment for human rights protection in each country. Vietnam supports dialogue and cooperation in resolving UNHRC issues and narrowing the gap between member countries.

During its term, Vietnam contributed ideas to a range of issues in developing countries including development rights; combating violence, discrimination, and human trafficking; and ensuring the rights of women, children, and people with disabilities. Vietnam was a co-author of 30 resolutions on human rights.

Initiating ideas on human rights

After successfully completing its term in the UNHRC, Vietnam will continue to make recommendations to the UN’s agencies and promote dialogue and cooperation with all countries, including countries with different views on human rights.

Vietnam will continue to pursue its initiatives on climate change response, ensuring the rights of vulnerable groups, and carrying out sustainable development goals and promote these issues at bilateral and multilateral forums.

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