ASEAN sets new goals on its 51st anniversary

(VOVWORLD) -The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) celebrates its 51st anniversary on August 8. Its achievements in the past 5 decades made it the most dynamic and influential organization in the Asia-Pacific region. ASEAN has set out its development goals in the context of a changing regional and global situation.
ASEAN sets new goals on its 51st anniversary  - ảnh 1

Beginning with only 5 members 51 years ago, ASEAN has become a 10-nation community more mature politics, sustainable economic growth, improved institutions, and stronger unity.

ASEAN- a role model of regional connectivity

ASEAN has transformed Southeast Asia’s confrontation into dialogue, distrust into cooperation, and division into unity. Southeast Asia has become a region of peace, security, stability and development. It ranks 6th in the world with a GDP of nearly 3 trillion USD annually. ASEAN is the convergence of diverse and rich cultures, solidarity, peaceful co-existence, ensured social security, and improved living standards.

The organization has promoted dialogues and cooperation with multiple partners on issues from climate change, and anti-terrorism to peace and stability in the region, thus raising its members’ prestige.

ASEAN and its members are facing challenges due to regional and global uncertainty, said Vietnamese Deputy Foreign Minister Nguyen Quoc Dung:  “Rapid changes in the region, the 4th industrial revolution, changing policies of major countries, and growing protectionism are challenging ASEAN to realize its goals and maintain its central role. It will also be a challenge for ASEAN to maintain its pledge to support free trade.”

Mr. Dung said unity is the key to ASEAN’s success and attraction despite these challenges: “Unity has been the key to ASEAN’s development over the past 50 years. Mechanisms initiated and led by ASEAN have been successful and have received international recognition. ASEAN has gained prestige throughout the Indo-Pacific region.”

Moving toward a united, self-reliant ASEAN

Since joining ASEAN in 1995, Vietnam has worked closely with the other members to boost the organization’s growth. Vietnam has contributed to the ASEAN architecture and to maintaining peace and prosperity in the region.

ASEAN’s theme “Building a self-reliant and creative association” is reflected in its views on issues concerning North Korea, the Middle East, terrorism, and natural disasters. The bloc has strengthened connectivity and narrowed development gaps within ASEAN to promote self-reliance. In July, it set up a network of smart cities. ASEAN is determined to become a community of unity, development, peace, and prosperity.

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