Cambodia’s election: clear voice of the people

(VOVWORLD) - Cambodia’s ruling party, the Cambodian People’s Party of Prime Minister Hunsen, has won a landslide victory in the general election. The victory cements its power and evinces public trust in the CPP’s leadership for the next 5 years.
Cambodia’s election: clear voice of the people - ảnh 1Prime Minister Hunsen in a parade prior to the election.

The CPP won 77.5 percent of the votes and all 125 parliamentary seats.  The final results will be announced on August 15th. Cambodia’s election law says the Party that wins 50%+1 seat of the parliament can form a new government.

Democracy and equality

In Cambodia’s general election on July 27, more than 82% of registered voters cast a ballot, much more than the 70% who voted in the 2013 election.

The number of parties putting up candidates tripled. Over 80,000 domestic and foreign observers and many foreign reporters covered the event, which took place transparently and openly. Analysts say the large number of observers precluded charges of rigging and ensured the election’s integrity.

People’s choice

The election campaigns focused on economic growth, better human resources, higher employment, and anti-corruption. The CPP campaigned on national unity, better Constitution enforcement, protecting the monarchy, and promoting democracy, freedom, the rule of law, and social equality. It promised to safeguard national sovereignty, peace, and security and deliver 7% annual economic growth and reduce poverty by 1%.

The Cambodian government will continue its foreign policy of neutrality, peaceful co-existence, and non-interference in other countries’ internal affairs. Cambodia aims to enhance cooperation with other countries to ensure regional and global peace, stability, and security.

Prior to the election, observers predicted that the CPP would win a landslide victory and it did. The CPP, which has ruled Cambodia since 1998, played an important role in overthrowing the Khmer Rouge and bringing peace to the nation. The CPP led the national construction and development that has elevated Cambodia from nothing to a peaceful, stable, and developed country. Cambodia enjoys 7% economic growth; living conditions have improved; and the poverty rate has fallen.

The CPP’s victory affirms public trust in the CPP’s leadership.

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