Code of Conduct promotes Ho Chi Minh City’s tourism

(VOVWORLD) - Ho Chi Minh City has put in place a number of solutions to realize the target of receiving 5.6 million foreign visitors this year. The city. They include the release of a Code of Conduct for tourists.
Code of Conduct promotes Ho Chi Minh City’s tourism - ảnh 1Ho Chi Minh City implements several measures to promote tourism

The Ho Chi Minh City Department of Tourism in January released a Code of Conduct hoping to promote good relations between visitors and destinations. The document requires visitors to respect laws and regulations and local customs, help the disabled, the elderly, children, and women, protect the environment, and behave properly in public places, especially religious places. The Code of Conduct bans the destruction or alteration of exhibits, relics, or museums. Ms Delforce Angela, an Australian visitor, says she was given the Code of Conduct at hotel reception. Ms Angela says the handbook is well designed, small, and easy to carry with her.

Nguyen Viet Anh, Head of the Travel Section of the Ho Chi Minh City Tourism Department, says the Code of Conduct for tourists is in five languages: English, Russian, Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese. Anh says that by publishing this book, the city hopes to add to visitors’ convenience and encourage them to respect local traditional values.

Mr. Anh says: “We plan to distribute 100,000 publications with beautiful designs this year. This Code of Conduct will initially apply just to foreign tourists. Later, we will develop a Code of Conduct for locals in their behavior with tourists.”