Coup cannot preserve peace

(VOVWORLD) - The Venezuelan army on Tuesday claimed to have defeated a coup attempt by opposition leader Juan Guaido. Though the Venezuelan government and people have lots to do to overcome the socio-economic challenges it is clear that a coup is not the way to preserve peace. All problems should be settled through dialogues.

Clashes occurred in Caracas on Tuesday as opposition leader Juan Guaido called for protesters to overthrow Constitutional President Nicolas Maduro. Venezuela’s agencies are investigating protesters who support Guaido saying they must pay for betraying the nation.

International community decries violence

A coup attempt launched by Juan Guaido with external support appears to have failed. Most of the international community hopes the two sides can settle their differences in a way that is based on institutions and mutual respect. A representative of the Non-Aligned Movement called for respect of Venezuela’s sovereignty and opposed intervention into Venezuela’s internal affairs. The Lima Group comprising 13 Latin American countries and Canada will call an emergency meeting on Friday. Mexican President Lopez Obrador said Mexico opposes any intervention into Venezuela at present saying all problems need to be resolved through dialogues and respect for human rights.

Cuba’s Permanent Representative at the UN Anna Silvia Rodriguez called for respect for the sovereignty of Venezuela and other Latin American countries. Syria’s Permanent Representative at the UN Mounzer Mounzer said dialogues and respect for national sovereignty are the best solutions to the current situation in Venezuela.

The European Commission also called for a political and peaceful solution. EU High Commissioner for Security and External Policy Federica Mogherini said there can only be political, peaceful, and democratic way out for Venezuela now. The EU condemned all forms of violence and called on involved parties to practice restraint to avoid escalating tension. British Prime Minister Theresa May said it’s necessary to work out a peaceful solution to the crisis. The Russian Foreign Ministry said Venezuela’s problems must be settled through dialogue without any conditions.

Government pledges to change

The failed coup showed up the internal split in Venezuelan politics. President Maduro accused the opposition and external hostile forces of wanting to plunge Venezuela into a civil war. He promised to continue to fight to protect national interests and sovereignty and the fruits of revolution Venezuela has gained over the past few years.

President Maduro said the Venezuelan government is ready to carry out a deep restructuring plan to solve the problems the country has been facing and will announce national dialogue days on Saturday and Sunday to collect public opinions on what the Bolivar government and the President should change to fix Venezuela’s problems and improve the situation in the country.