Diplomacy contributes to national development

(VOVworld) – 2016 saw significant achievements in Vietnam’s external relations and international integration.  Besides strengthening relations with all countries, Vietnam has been acting as a responsible member of the world community, paving the way for new diplomatic landmarks in 2017.

Diplomacy contributes to national development - ảnh 1
Party leader Nguyen Phu Trong spoke at a diplomatic conference

Vietnam’s external relations have been expanded more widely than ever. The country has entered a new development period which requires changes in vision and action.

Continued reform of diplomatic work

Upholding the spirit of a building a constructive government of integrity, action and serving the people, the diplomatic sector has reformed its management in the international integration process. Vietnamese diplomatic agencies inside and outside Vietnam have turned words into specific actions and fulfilled their tasks as a consultant to the government. Vietnamese Ambassador to China, Dang Minh Khoi, said: “Diplomatic agencies abroad not only link Vietnam with the outside world but also generate a driving force for national development. These agencies closely follow and evaluate the situation and promptly offer external policy consultation to the Party and Government.”

Vietnamese Ambassador to the US, Pham Quang Vinh, said diplomatic agencies and businesses should have a profound understanding of hteir host countries’ rules to prevent negative impacts on Vietnam during international integration. “We have to enhance bilateral relations and offer convenient conditions for exports to Vietnam. When joining new FTAs, which requires greater market openness, we will have to struggle harder for the recognition of Vietnam’s economy. Diplomatic agencies have to make full use of their potential and get involved in resolving Vietnam’s disputes internationally. Diplomats, policy-makers, and businesses have to collaborate closely.”

Raising Vietnam’s status

At a diplomatic conference last September, Party leader Nguyen Phu Trong said diplomats should have broad knowledge of economics, trade, investment, and culture to fulfill their mission as a representative of Vietnam’s interests abroad. “The diplomatic sector should continue to promote Vietnam’s diplomatic identities that the country has applied over the past 70 years. Diplomatic work should be flexible.”


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