EU migration deal needs consensus to realize political will

(VOVWORLD) -The EU migration summit in Brussels reached a deal on migration. Experts say the deal is a good start but EU countries need to resolve their differences to implement it.
EU migration deal needs consensus to realize political will - ảnh 1EU countries reached a deal on migration on June 29 in Brussels. (Photo: Al Jazeera)

Since the migration crisis began, division between EU members has been widening. This migration deal is seen as a breakthrough.

A progress

Under the deal, the EU will establish “control centers” for migrants rescued from sea voyages. The EU will look for volunteers to host the processing centers, where migrants will be screened for asylum eligibility. Before this deal, many EU countries had rejected the notion.

The EU agrees that a comprehensive approach is needed, which includes effective border control outside the bloc to avoid a crisis like the one in 2015 and to block any further illegal migration. The deal will increase EU support for Italy, Libya, and other countries. EU leaders have agreed to consider creating intake centers outside the EU, maybe in North Africa, and operations to intercept human trafficking ships headed to Europe.

UN rescue agencies have asked the EU to give priority to human life and safety. A representative for the International Organization for Migration said all EU countries should support the countries where refugees first arrive and that control centers should be located in the EU.

Remaining differences

Although the deal is seen as a positive step, EU leaders say it’s too early to talk about success. There are many remaining problems and obstacles to its implementation.

There us agreement in principle to form intake centers outside the EU and close centers in the EU, but no specific sites have been named. EU countries are urged to voluntarily host the centers. France, Italy, and Spain categorically have refused to build centers in their territory.

Another issue is controlling secondary movement of the asylum seekers who are pouring to certain countries. An immediate task is to revise the regulations on the responsibility of countries where refugees first arrive. The EU will have to negotiate a solution acceptable to all members.

Anh Huyen

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