Europe is likely to have its own army

(VOVworld)-Donald Trump’s victory in the US presidential election last week has prompted some European leaders to revitalize the idea of forming a common army.

One day after Donald Trump cliched his victory, European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker told a meeting in Berlin that Europe needs more security, not just in the anti-terror fight. He underscored that the US will not see to Europe’s security forever and this is why Europe needs a new approach to its  defense, including a European army.

Europe is likely to have its own army - ảnh 1
European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker (Photo: Reuters)

On the eve of the US Presidential election, German Defense Minister Ursula von de Leyen stressed that Europe must strengthen its military power. She later warned that Trump should not see NATO as a business. These strong comments came as senior European leaders anxiously wait to learn the President-elect’s policy toward the US-Europe alliance. During his campaign, Trump made some negative statements that made his election bad news for Europe,  at a time when it has been weakened by an economic crisis, terrorism, refugees, Brexit and tensions with Russia.  French Foreign Minister Jean Marc Ayraul said it’s time to stop complaining about Trump and take it as an opportunity for Europe to decide its own affairs. Former Belgian Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt shared that view, saying this is the best time ever to make reforms vital to Europe, including forming a common army. Michael Lambert, an expert on international relations in Paris-Sorbonne University said Trump’s “America First” policy will lead to growing military cooperation between EU members, centering on a France-Germany pillar. Lambert predicted that a powerful army in Europe is likely in the long term.