First Vietnamese baby born from frozen egg

(VOVworld) – Do Thi Hoai Thu and her husband in Thanh Nhi commune, Ha Nam province, happily welcomed their first daughter at Buu Dien hospital on March 27, 2017 after 5 years of pursuing medical solutions to conceiving a baby. This is the first successful test-tube baby born using frozen eggs at the Center for Reproductive Medicine at Buu Dien hospital.

First Vietnamese baby born from frozen egg - ảnh 1
Doctor Vuong Vu Viet Ha is holding the baby to take photo with her parents and doctor Nguyen Thi Nha (photo:

Doctor Vuong Vu Viet Ha, who was in charge of the test-tube case from the initial step of freezing the eggs to the baby’s delivery, talks about the method: “We have just acquired the technique of freezing eggs and we were very worried throughout the process. We are now extremely happy about this success. The couple finally has a baby after tremendous difficulties. We believe in our profession and look forward to more successes.”

Doctor Nguyen Thi Nha, Head of the Center for Reproductive Medicine, said they now have the experience to use the frozen egg technique in other cases: "In some cases this method is of great humanitarian importance. For example, it gives a cancer patient the opportunity to have a baby before she starts receiving chemical and radiation therapy, which is harmful to an ovary and its eggs. After cancer treatment, she can gestate a baby using her frozen eggs. This method also gives women an opportunity to have babies in their later years.”