Foreign reporters offered best services to cover DPRK-US summit

(VOVWORLD) - The DPRK-US summit in Hanoi has drawn huge interest from international media. Vietnam is offering the best possible conditions for nearly 3000 reporters of 40 countries and territories who are now in Hanoi to cover the event.

Procedures required for foreign reporters to register and cover the summit in Hanoi have been simplified, including visas to enter Vietnam and access to the event’s venues. A website was created to give foreign reporters information about Vietnam and requirements for covering the summit. Shortly after Hanoi was chosen as the venue, an international media center was opened. The center, which will operate around the clock, is equipped with modern telecommunications and digital television systems, shared and private working spaces, dining and relaxation areas for all reporters. David Nathan Hutt, who works for the Asia Times, told VOV: “It is a good thing for Vietnam. I think it will be a chance to boost Vietnam’s international image around the world. Clearly Hanoi thinks the same. That’s why it lobbied so heavily to have the summit here. I’m impressed by the media center. It seems to very good and running efficiently from what I’ve seen so far.”

Chairman of Hanoi People’s Committee Nguyen Duc Chung told VOV about services for foreign reporters: “We’ve arranged 4 free double-decker buses to take reporters to all summit venues. We have also invited famous chefs to make  authentic Hanoi food like “Bun cha”, “Pho”, and “egg coffee” for the reporters at the media center.”

"Several big television stations have asked for locations around the Sword Lake to cover summit activities and Hanoi has done its best to accommodate them while ensuring security. “On the evenings of Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, there will be performances by Vietnamese artists near the King Ly Thai To statute,” added Chung.  

To commemorate the occasion, Hanoi will give each reporter a small Chu Dau pottery drum with an F1 racing logo painted on it. The Vietnam Tourism Administration has organized for the reporters free tours of Hanoi and some of the famous tourist attractions in northern and central Vietnam. The DPRK-US summit is a great opportunity for Vietnam to promote its image as a friendly, peaceful country to the world.