Hope for Syria crisis


(VOVworld) – The political stagnation in Syria is likely to be settled now that the Russian and US presidents have agreed to establish a bilateral cooperation mechanism to address the Syria crisis. It is considered the first positive sign of hope for peace in the Middle East.


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The first official meeting between President Barack Obama and President Vladimir Putin in two years took place on the sideslines of the UN General Assembly in New York. The two presidents agreed to cooperate to resolve the Syria crisis.


Russia, US shake hands

Russia, the US, and other Western countries share the same goal of fighting IS, which controls half of Syria’s territory, but always have contentious viewpoints. Russia supports President Bashar al-Assad with military equipment and personnel to fight opposition forces and IS. The US and Western nations, meanwhile, say the government of President Assad is the cause of Syria’s political and migrant crisis. They say that only when President Assad gives up his political power will Syria’s civil war end and the migrant crisis be settled. The war in Syria has entered its 5th year and all diplomatic and military solutions have failed. President Assad says he will not resign and any transfer of political power must be voted by the Syrians. IS’s control of half of Syria’s territory and Syria’s migrant crisis have made Russia and the US realize that their top priority should be fighting terrorists together.

Solutions to the crisis

Strengthened cooperation between the US and Russia has created momentum for improved Russian-Western relations. After the meeting between the Russian and US presidents was scheduled, leaders of Germany, Britain, and France also announced plans to meet President Putin. A source in the German government said Chancellor Angela Merkel will meet President Putin at a meeting of the Norman + Group in Paris on October 2. The German Chancellor stressed the importance of dialogue with all parties, including the Damascus government, in seeking solutions to the Syria crisis. This crisis can only be settled through efforts by the EU, the US, Russia, and Middle East countries. This is the first official invitation to Moscow to join efforts to resolve the Syria crisis. It is also a concession by Germany, one of the EU countries that has criticized Russia’s intervention in Syria’s civil war the most.

British Prime Minister David Cameron, in an annoucement at the UN General Assembly, asked President Assad to remain in power in a transitional government and said that Russia should join the coalition fighting IS. Two years ago it was Prime Minister Cameron who first advocated launching airstrikes against President Assad’s regime. He insisted that President Assad’s resignation would be a prerequisite for the establishment of a national unity government in Syria.

Russia to fight IS

Russia has played an important role in Syria’s efforts to settle its crisis because they are close allies. Russia’s military equipment and personnel support for Syria has concerned the US and the West. President Putin is the only one who can talk to President Assad, which might change the situation of the fight against IS in Syria. It is, perhaps, time for the US and EU countries to realize that differences in relations with Russia will only weaken their fight against IS and threaten the opportunity to eliminate this terrorist group. Dialogue and cooperation are now the best solutions to end Syria’s civil war, which has killed more than 240,000 civilians and made millions flee their homes since 2011.