Hue Festival 2018 impresses visitors with colorful performances

(VOVWORLD) - Hue Festival took place from April 27 to May 2 with 111 arts, culture, tourism, and sports programs and side events. 

A religious dance performed by Sri Lanka’s Ranranga Dance Institute near the Hue imperial citadel was part of a street parade called “Cultural  Colors”, one of the most exciting activities at this year’s Hue Festival. Foreign art troupes from Zhejiang, China, Poland, and Sri Lanka, performed at several venues in Hue, bringing sight and sound to the quiet city.

"Now in Poland it’s cold but in Vietnam it’s very hot for us. But the people around are very warm and friendly. They like us and support our performances.", said Dorota Nosko, head of Poland’s folklore dance troupe Neptun.

Hue Festival 2018 impresses visitors with colorful performances - ảnh 1

During the festival, outdoor performances by domestic and foreign art troupes took place every night across Hue city, including the bands “Skyline” and “Sounds from the Northern Winds”.

"Although I live in Hue, I’m not Vietnamese. What I find amazing about Hue Festival is its gathering of people from all over the world with different kinds of performances ans schools of arts. I enjoyed seeing people from Vietnam and foreign countries all gathering here. We can actually sit down at the same place and enjoy exactly the same shows, although we gave different feelings about the shows. I have very positive reactions to Hue festival.", a Russian told VOV.

Hue Festival 2018 impresses visitors with colorful performances - ảnh 2

The event “Rural market sessions on festival days” attracted thousands of visitors.

"I really hope this festival will be expanded so we can explore new areas of Hue and other places across Vietnam to better promote Vietnam’s beautiful landscape and rich tourism potentials.", said Le Thanh Khoi from Hanoi.