National Assembly improves its performance

(VOVWORLD) - The 6th session of the 14th National Assembly concluded on Tuesday, reviewing what has been done and clarifying orientations for the second half of the tenure. The meeting decided many national issues and resolved voters’ concerns.
National Assembly improves its performance - ảnh 1National Assembly Chairwoman Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan (Photo:

During the month-long session, the National Assembly elected a State President, ratified the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP), and conducted vote of confidence on each official holding an elected office or approved by the National Assembly.

Decision on national issues

With 99.79% approval, the National Assembly elected Nguyen Phu Trong, General Secretary of the Communist Party of Vietnam to the post of President of Vietnam in the 2016-2021 term. National Assembly deputies, who represent voters nationwide, said the election of the President meets aspirations of voters.

Pham Van Hoa, a deputy for Dong Thap province, said: “I have high expectations that Party General Secretary and President Nguyen Phu Trong will resolutely perform his duty to improve the economy, strengthen national security and defense, and combat corruption.”

The National Assembly ratified the CPTPP and related documents with a wide consensus. Tran Hoang Ngan, a deputy for HCMC, said: “It’s not purely a trade pact, but a comprehensive and progressive agreement on customs, investment, intellectual property, government procurement, labor, and services. Its progressive feature is that it covers small and medium-sized enterprises and fine tunes Vietnam’s market economy mechanism. We should enhance communications to businesses to help them identify the opportunities and challenges of CPTPP membership.”

Law making

The National Assembly approved 9 laws and 4 resolutions on the economy and the state budget and analysed economic shortcomings and obstacles in order to resolve them. Tran Chi Quang, a deputy for Dong Thap province, said: “Socio-economic achievements have generated strong public confidence. Voters appreciate the efforts of the government, ministries, and sectors. But there remain challenges. We need to improve mechanisms, resources, and infrastructure for agricultural restructure.”

The Q&A session received much public appreciation. Pham Khanh Phong Lan, a deputy for HCMC, said: “Ministers’ answers will be monitored and re-visited in the future. The Ministers showed a strong sense of responsibility and determination to implement their decisions and improve their performance.”

The outcomes of the year-end session affirm the National Assembly’s determination to reform and improve its performance.

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