National treasure “Đường kách mệnh”on display

(VOVWORLD) -The original version of “Duong Kach Menh” (Revolutionary Path), written by President Ho Chi Minh, is on display for the first time at the Vietnam National Museum of History in Hanoi. The book is the first political document of the Communist Party of Vietnam.
National treasure “Đường kách mệnh”on display  - ảnh 1A page from Duong Kach Menh (Revolutionary Path) written by President Ho Chi Minh. (Photo courtesy of the museum) 

The exhibition marks the 90th anniversary of the first publication of the 100-paged book. It includes lectures by Nguyen Ai Quoc for the first officials of the Vietnamese Revolutionary in Guangzhou, China, between 1925 and 1927. The first printed versions were secretly sent to Vietnam before 1930. The book stored at the National Museum of History is one of the few original prints and was recognised as a National Treasure five years ago.

In the book, Nguyen Ai Quoc presented the essence of the Marxist-Leninist revolutionary doctrine and the Vietnamese revolution’s direction in the most intelligible way. Historian Duong Trung Quoc said: “President Ho Chi Minh wrote that we needed a revolutionary theory. We needed revolutionaries to carry out a revolution. They must have the quality and virtue of a leader to bear full responsibility. President Ho Chi Minh placed Vietnam’s revolution for national revolution alongside these of other nations, so the book also introduced similar actions in France, the US, Russia, and China.”

The Revolutionary Path said Vietnam targeted national liberation. He wrote it was the course of all people and it needed the leadership of a revolutionary party. Under the light of the Revolutionary Path, the first disciples of President Ho Chi Minh returned to Vietnam to prepare for the establishment of the Communist Party of Vietnam in 1930 and lead Vietnamese to win the August Revolution in 1945. This gave birth to the Democratic Republic of Vietnam that some year.

Nguyen Van Cuong, Director of the Vietnam National Museum of History, says: “The Revolutionary Path’s values have remained relevant. The exhibition introduces the book’s great significance and the party’s major movements in national construction and defense.”

On displays are more than 150 documents, artefacts, and photos featuring the book’s great significance. The exhibition is opened until January 10 next year.