New format expected to improve Q&A session quality

(VOVWORLD) - The quality and format of Q&A sessions of the National Assembly have improved in recent meetings. At its ongoing session, the NA will spend three days on the Q&A session which always draws great attention from the public.
New format expected to improve Q&A session quality - ảnh 1Minister of Transport Nguyen Van The 

Reform to improve Q&A session’s efficiency

At this Q&A session, the NA allots 1 minute for a deputy to make questions and 3 minutes for a cabinet member to answer. Le Bo Linh is Deputy Head of the NA Office and Deputy Secretary General of the NA: “We hope to increase the number of deputies posing questions which should focus on main issues. So each deputy has 1 minute to ask questions and each cabinet member has 3 minutes to answer, instead of 5 minutes. By so doing, more deputies will have a chance to ask questions and the answers will have to be direct.”

The change has received support from the public.  Lai Xuan Mon is a deputy for Cao Bang province: “In previous sessions, questions and answers were not focused and clear. Within 1 minute, deputies need to choose their questions carefully, while ministers will give proper answers.”

Improving NA’s oversight

In recent meetings, Q&A sessions have become dialogues with an open atmosphere. More questions and answers were exchanged, particularly the quality of the session was taken up a notch. Ly Tiet Hanh is a deputy for Binh Dinh province: “With good questions and responsible answers, duration is not a matter.  It’s important that the quality of the Q&A session improved.”

The National Assembly began a 3-day Q&A session on Monday with the Minister of Transport addressing issues related to transport infrastructure and BOT projects. The Minister of Natural Resources and the Environment will clarify land management in major cities, while discussing solutions to environmental pollution, and responses to climate change. The Minister of Education and Training will elaborate on solutions to improve the quality of education, kindergarten education, and the morality of teachers and students. The Minister of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs will be grilled about the labor market, and the care and protection of children.