Northern quintessence- Vietnam’s first on-site play

(VOVWORLD) - The play “Northern quintessence” directed by Hoang Nhat Nam will be staged in Hanoi in October. Rather than being staged in a theater, this play is staged at the actual site of the story, a unique way to introduce northern culture to tourists.
Northern quintessence- Vietnam’s first on-site play  - ảnh 1

The play showcases typical Vietnamese art genres – poetry, song, music, paintings, sculptures, and architecture as well as games, work, religious activities and traditional costumes. Director Hoang Nhat Nam says the 55-minute play is divided into 6 parts introducing the Red River Delta and local people’s daily activities. a folk painting village, traditional musical instruments, ceremonial singing, and Quan Ho folk singing. The wide-scale play is set in the Thay pagoda complex. Director Nam says the play’s large lake, bamboo thickets and Sai Son mountain are real although replica of Thay pagoda has been set up and the folk painting village, the gate of Duong Lam village, and the rural market are simulated.

Hundreds of extras, including 120 real farmers, recreated the daily life of northern farmers. To promote Vietnamese culture to a wider public, “Northern quintessence” will be included in several Hanoi tour packages. Nam says he plans to create “Central quintessence” and “Southern quintessence” plays to promote other Vietnamese regional cultural values.