Personnel management upholds Ho Chi Minh’s thought

(VOVWORLD) -The 7th session of the 12th Party Central Committee issued a resolution on building a contingent of cadres at all levels, especially the strategic level, with virtue, capacity, and credibility on a par with their assigned tasks. The public hailed the resolution for adhering to Ho Chi Minh’s thought on personnel work.
Personnel management upholds Ho Chi Minh’s thought - ảnh 1President Ho Chi Minh talked to young people (archive photo)

President Ho Chi Minh said “Cadres are the root of every work”, “Success or failure depends on good or bad cadres.” He underlined that training, using, rotating, challenging, and appointing cadres must be suitable to the job promote their capability and talent.

Personnel training is focus

Associate Professor, Doctor Nguyen Quoc Bao, former Head of the Faculty of Ho Chi Minh’s Thought at of the Academy of Journalism and Communications, said the Party’s documents on personnel work and the latest Party resolution have always followed Ho Chi Minh’s thought on training a contingent of young, competent, and virtuous cadres.

Mr. Bao: “President Ho Chi Minh said that “the Party holds the power, but Party members should not diverge from their targets and ideology. When the Party was not yet a ruling party and was still struggling for national liberation, Party members already adopted a vanguard role. They clearly recognized that their ideal was to give up their lives for national liberation and independence. That’s why the Party led the revolution to success.”

The Party’s resolution sets criteria for cadres: cadres, especially those at the strategic level, must have virtue, capability, and credibility to fulfil their assigned tasks. The Party must consider cadres a decisive factor in the revolution’s success or failure. Personnel work is at the core of Party building and the political system. It’s a priority task of the Party.

Ho Chi Minh’s thought applied in personnel work

Associate Professor Doctor Nguyen Minh Tuan, Director of the Party Building Institute at the Ho Chi Minh National Political Academy, said Ho Chi Minh’s thought on personnel guides the Party’s current personnel work. Never before has personnel work at the strategic level been as clearly regulated as in the Party’s resolution.

“To study Ho Chi Minh’s thought on personnel work is to follow the Party’s guidelines, regulations, and procedures on personnel works including training, planning, evaluating, and promoting the public’s role in overseeing cadres to control their power. To implement the Party’s guidelines on personnel work is to study Ho Chi Minh’s thought.” Tuan said.

Associate Professor Doctor Vu Van Phuc, former editor-in-chief of the Communist Review, says: “Each cadre and leader must train themself to resist the temptation of money and other negative things. If a leader cannot overcome the temptation of money, power, and special interests, he does not deserve to be a leader.”

President Ho Chi Minh’s teaching on personnel work has been followed to build a stronger contingent of cadres.