Persuading the UK to remain in the EU, a difficult task for President Obama

(VOVworld) – US President Barack Obama visited the UK from April 21 to 24. Economic issues, the war on terror, and persuading the UK to remain in the EU topped his agenda. However, his viewpoint was not welcomed by some British politicians and citizens. Hong Van reports:
Persuading the UK to remain in the EU, a difficult task for President Obama - ảnh 1
Persuading the UK to remain in the EU, difficult task for President Obama

President Obama said the UK’s stay in the EU will not reduce its influence but help it address the issues of terrorism, migration, and economic recession more effectively. He said the US wants the UK to be at its best to lead a strong EU. He said the UK’s exit from the EU would affect development prospects of relations between the US and the UK. President Obama said that the US is negotiating the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership agreement with the EU as an alliance rather than a separate market, so in the event of a “Brexit”, a trade and investment agreement between the UK and the US will be in the back of the queue.

President Obama spent most of his visit persuading the UK to remain in the EU because this will help ensure American interests in Europe. If the US’s top ally leaves the EU, it will weaken the US’s relations with other European countries. A strong, united EU will give the US an advantage in competing with Russia for influence in Europe. The UK remaining in the EU will create favorable conditions for the US in the fight against terrorism, one of its current priorities.

During his visit President Obama faced strong criticism by Brexit supporters, including 100 members of Parliaments, who are mainly conservatives. On April 22 they asked President Obama to cut short his visit because he was intervening in the UK’s internal affairs. A poll released by the Financial Times said the number of Brexit supporters is close to the number of those who oppose it. 42% of British citizens support a Brexit, with 44% against, and 14% undecided.

On June 23 British voters will decide if the UK will leave the EU or not after 4 decades. The results of this referendum will be an answer to President Obama’s efforts during his 4-day visit.