Prince William advocates for wildlife protection in Vietnam

(VOVworld) – Prince William of the UK is in Hanoi for the International Wildlife Trade Conference on Thursday and Friday. The Duke of Cambridge will meet Vietnamese leaders to encourage efforts to fight illegal wildlife trading.

Prince William advocates for wildlife protection in Vietnam  - ảnh 1
Rhino horns were burnt on November 12, in Soc Son on the outskirt of Hanoi

Prince William has taken a leading role in international efforts to combat illegal poaching and trading of elephants, rhinos, and other endangered species. During his visit to Vietnam, William will look at problems and encourage local efforts to protect wildlife from extinction and elicit international cooperation in this area.

The 1st International Wildlife Trade Conference in 2014 was initiated by the British government, the 2nd conference was held in Botswana one year later. The 3rd conference will take place in Vietnam. The conference will work out specific, feasible steps that can be taken by countries to create a breakthrough in wildlife conservation. At the conference, Prince William and leaders from participating countries will make pledge to fight harder against illegal poaching and trading of wildlife. 

Vietnam joined the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) in 1994. It has improved its legal system and tightened regulations to effectively eliminate wildlife crimes. Last Saturday, in front of representatives of foreign embassies, organizations, and media, Vietnamese authorities destroyed more than 2 tons of ivory tusks, 70kg of rhino horns, and bones of bears and tigers. Vietnam has promoted information and communication programs, that call on local communities to work with the government to conserve nature.