Rituals performance – Muong group’s cultural heritage

(VOVworld) – The book “Rituals performance – The unique cultural heritage of  Muong group” was announced as one of the winners at the Viet Nam Book Awards 2016. The book, edited by Luu Xuan Ly based on the original version on the Muong’s customs, morality, and humanity by folklorist Bui Thien, is considered an encyclopedia of the Muong’s traditional culture.

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In 40 years, Bui Thien had studied ritual performance of the Muong including Mo, Truong, and Moi ritual singings, each type consisting of tens of thousands of verses. Author Luu Xuan Ly said: “The book has great literary values. It reflects the Muong’s view of nature and life, humanity, and customs. It talks about the building stilt houses, making alcohol, human behavior, and love. It also covers human evolution, the space, and the roots of ethnic groups.”

Rituals performance – Muong group’s cultural heritage - ảnh 2
Author Luu Xuan Ly

The book also mentions how to popularize the Muong’s cultural values. Luu Xuan Ly said: “The Muong’s cultural values featured in the book may vary between different regions inhabited by the Muong people. For example, the Muong people in Son La, Thanh Hoa, and Hoa Binh province possess different rituals. The book may not be complete, but it fully covers Bui Thien’s study. It encompasses folklore, historic, literary, and ethnological values.”


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