Security strengthened across France ahead of election

(VOVworld) – Security has been strengthened throughout France ahead of the President election scheduled to take place on Sunday. Following the arrest of two terrorist suspects, the French Interior Ministry asked for strengthened security for candidates and emergency measures to protect their campaign staffs.
Security strengthened across France ahead of election - ảnh 1
Emergency vehicles are seen at the site of a police search in France

According to the French Interior Ministry, the terror risk in France is high. Anyone anywhere can be the target of a terror attack. Right-wing candidate Francois Fillon, far-right National Front (FN) candidate Marine Le Pen, and centrist candidate Emmanuel Macron are considered primary targets.

Just days ahead of the election, French police thwarted a terrorist plot and arrested two suspects. In their Marseille apartment, police found 3 kg of explosives, a machine gun, two handguns, and other weapons. Also found were an Islamic State flag and a video clip showing a possible attack targeting a campaign.

In March, the French police arrested 19 terrorist suspects and strengthened security across France. In addition to the Sentinelle anti-terrorism force, more than 50,000 policemen will be mobilized to ensure security at 67,000 polling stations Sunday. French Interior Minister Matthias Fekl said these measures are necessary to cope with terror threats and that no threat has been ruled out. The French Ministry of Interior has urged local agencies to take necessary measures against terror attacks and has strengthened security in public transportation areas throughout Paris.