Social media and Vietnam’s political and social stability

(VOVWORLD) - Major newspapers in Vietnam on Monday ran an article titled “Social media and socio-economic stability in Vietnam” by Politburo member Vo Van Thuong. In his article, Mr. Thuong, who is also Head of the Party Central Committee’s Commission for Communications and Education, pointed out the need to create a healthy and safe information environment in which social media is an important source of information to help secure political and social stability, a firm foundation for national sustainable development. We now bring you excerpts from the article.
Social media and Vietnam’s political and social stability - ảnh 1Politburo member and Head of the Party Central Committee’s Commission for Communications and Education Vo Van Thuong

Social media is an information flow based on technological platforms which allow users to create, share, exchange, discuss, and change content and establish networks and social interactions. Social communication, especially social networking, is supported by new technologies becoming more convenient and an important channel that promotes social contacts and connections. But social networks have had negative effects and complex and unexpected risks that can cause divisions and hatred in society, especially in multi-ethnicity or multi-religion countries.

Vietnam seeing negative effects of social media

Mr. Thuong said 20 years after the internet debuted in Vietnam, the country now has more than 60 million internet users, ranking 18th in the world, and is one of the 10 countries with greatest number of Facebook and Youtube users. These figures reflect Vietnam’s eagerness to integrate into the digital world. Like other countries, Vietnam is taking advantage of social media and at the same time experiencing the effects of the new media. Lessons learned from other countries have led Vietnam to identify and block individuals and organizations who would abuse social media to undermine national social and political stability. Mr. Thuong said it’s important to identify the good and bad sides of social media and work out effective measures to promote social advances while minimizing negative effects.

Social media and Vietnam’s political and social stability - ảnh 2

Management strengthened to take advantage of social media

According to Mr. Thuong, Vietnam needs to constantly reform its mindset in managing online newspapers, social media, and other internet-based media to keep pace with internet development. Recognizing social networks as an open, unique, particularly important informational environment running parallel to the flow of traditional media, Vietnam needs to strengthen its management and legal frameworks.

Mr. Thuong emphasized the need to promote the guiding role of the revolutionary press in the digital era. The flow of positive information should be the mainstream, with accurate, prompt, objective, and reliable news covering all topics of public concern. Vietnam needs to develop technological solutions to keep up with the development of the internet and social networks. Vietnamese agencies and organizations are encouraged to develop their own social networks and public awareness and responsibility in using social networks should be increased. Mr. Thuong stressed the need to educate and provide skills to students and schoolchildren to help them behave properly and know how to protect their personal information while gathering information online.

Vietnam, a country that has political and social stability and growth momentum, is now facing potential instability. It needs to create a healthy, safe informational environment in which to pursue development while maintaining social and political stability, Mr. Thuong concluded.