Solutions to fulfill set targets

(VOVWORLD) - The 6th plenum of the 12th Party Central Committee ended on Wednesday. In his closing remarks, Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong introduced major solutions to fulfill the tasks of this year and coming years. Here are excerpts from the Party leader’s closing speech.
Solutions to fulfill set targets - ảnh 1Solutions to fulfill set targets are made at the 6th plenum of the 12th Party Central Committee

The plenum debated major, important, complicated national issues including Vietnam’s socio-economic performance and the restructuring of public agencies and the political system.

Stabilizing the macro-economy

Party leader Nguyen Phu Trong said the key task of 2018 is to continue to ensure macro-economic stability, control inflation, boost growth, improve people’s living conditions, and ensure social security and social welfare. The Party leader stressed the need for significant changes in renovating the growth model combined with economic restructuring, improving productivity, and increasing national economic competitiveness.

Trong stressed the need to promote socio-cultural development, democracy, and social equality, cope with climate change, strengthen natural resource management, and protect the environment. He urged faster administrative reform, streamlining of the state apparatus, strengthening the fight against corruption and waste, maintaining national defense and security, and boosting international integration. The Party leader suggested ways to fulfill Vietnam’s socio-economic development targets: “We must promote national unity, dynamism and creativity and be resolute in management and implementation. We need to fine-tune institutions; strengthen disciplines; improve the business environment, state budget allocation and disbursement, and SOE equitisation; control overspending; keep public debt at a safe level, restructure SOEs and public agencies to improve their performance; and make the private sector a driver of the national economy.”

Restructuring the political system

The Party Central Committee emphasised the importance of renewing and streamlining the political apparatus for more efficient and effective operation, calling it a fundamental and urgent task to build up and re-organise the Party and reform the political system to meet the requirements of a socialist-oriented market economy and global integration. Mr. Trong said: “It’s necessary to promote the Party’s leadership role, state management, and the people’s mastery. The re-organization of the political system needs to be innovative, systematic, and coordinated. We need a master organizational model for the Vietnamese political system to meet the current demands of national development. It’s also important to develop a competitive and transparent mechanism for recruitment and appointment.”

The Party leader called reform of public agencies to improve their performance a primary task for the future: “The State needs to ensure basic, essential public services and improve the public’s full access to these services. Efforts should be made to promote the non-profit nature of the public sector. It’s important to mobilize and efficiently use resources to strengthen the public service market.”

The Party leader called for more effective implementation of the Resolution adopted at the 12th National Party Congress and resolutions of the 12th Party Central Committee, including conclusions reached at this meeting, to fulfill the targets set for this year and subsequent years.